ProfileBud | Extract Emails and Users Data from Instagram

How do I select the target audience from Instagram?

You can get the likers, commenters of any post, Get the followers of any account, Get users who posted with a specific #Hashtag or at a specific location. Then for these users you can do the Detailed analysis and get Email, Contacts, Follower-Following counts, Engagement Rate, etc

In what format will you give us the data?

We give you data in CSV sheet. You can open it with Excel or with Google Sheets. Click here ( for tutorial on how to see data with Google Sheet.

What can I do with the data?

Data from Instagram is highly targeted. People who like a post means they are engaged in that genre. We get you their emails and contacts which you can use to email/message them. You can also use this data to find the perfect micro size influencers for your business. You can use this data to run targeted Facebook ads to make the perfect look alike audience and save initial free days money just to reach the right segment.

Is there any Refund Policy?

We give the users a 3 day free trial in which you get 25k Targeted User extractor users and 2k Email Extractor user details. If the software is not working for you, our technical team would get in touch and suggest you desired fixes to make it work. We would increase your subscription till the fix is ready for you. If it still doesn't work for you, we would give you a refund.

What all Data fields for each user can I get?

You can get the follower following and post counts, Website, Email (from Bio or if they have Email button), Contact (If the user gave), Bio, Engagement rate (from last 12 posts), Business Category, Is Business User, Is Private Account, Username and Full Name.

How many Emails can I get out of 10,000 users?

This depends a lot on the genre and type of business and the way the data is extractor (hashtags or liker, commenters of a post). On an average you can get 7-35% take away rate. So for 10,000 users you can get about 700 - 3500 emails.

Is there a free trial?

es. We give a free trial where you can get detailed analysis of 2000 users (Email Extractor Profiles).

Can my account be banned for using ProfileBud?

We have all the limits in the extension which prevent your account. But we highly recommend you create a dummy account, Put a random profile picture, add 2-3 posts and follow a few people. Use this dummy account to use with ProfileBud so that worst case, even if you lose access you only lose the dummy account. Create another dummy account and mail us at to shift your subscription to the newly created account.

What is Targeted User Extractor? What is Email Extractor?

You target the users on Instagram first by Hashtag, follower of a certain account, liker/commenter of a specific post, etc. You get the usernames by Targeted User Extractor. To get more details about each and every username like their Email, Contact, Website, Follower-Following Counts, etc, You put these usernames in the Email Extractor and this gets you all the detailed data for all these users.
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